ESC+ Migration Complete

Attention:  You were redirected to this page to inform you that IBM Service Request (SR) has replaced ESC+. Please use IBM Service Request (SR) to create and manage hardware and software service requests for all IBM products. Use the link below to access SR, and please update your bookmarks accordingly.

URL for SR:

Additional information for Lenovo Customers
Please use the information below to determine if you should use the Managed Technical Services Access (MTSA) application or IBM Service Request (SR) for product support. 

Large Enterprise Customers that require global account administration access received an email with their new MTSA ID migrated from ESC+ and a specific URL to use. If you believe you should have a global administration MTSA account and need assistance, please send a request to

Important Note:   Lenovo Customers in Australia and New Zealand (and the extended Asia-Pacific region) can not use MTSA. Please use IBM Service Request(SR).

If you need further assistance with MTSA or Lenovo support, please send a request to:

If you need assistance with IBM Service Request, please contact the SR Help Desk.