IBM Service Request Help

Approve Access Requests

Site Technical Contacts (STCs) and Administrators receive email notification when new users request access to IBM Service Request. If auto-approval for Basic access is setup for your customer number, then you will be notified when new users are added, otherwise you will be notified to review and approve (or deny) the request for access. STCs and Administrators will also be notified of requests to increase a current user's access level.

Note: Only Site Technical Contacts and Administrators will have access to the user administration option in IBM Service Request.

Please follow these steps to process pending access requests:

  1. Log into SR -
  2. Choose "User administration" from within the "Manage support registrations" box on the left
  3. Select the "New Requests" tab in the main page
  4. See request under "My pending authorized user relationship requests"
  5. Select the "All" option to see all pending or choose to view alphabetically
  6. Designate the access level with the arrow options
  7. Select Approve or Deny under the Action drop-down list
  8. Click on the "Submit" button/link