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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What should I do if I don't receive my email verification code or it doesn't work?
The first thing to check is your spam folder. The email with the verification code is sent from and has the subject "IBM Software Support registration: Please verify your email address". If you continue to have trouble receiving your verification code or the code doesn't work, please contact the SR Help Desk.

How can I change my password?
Go to the IBM Registration change password page and follow the instructions listed. If you need further assistance with your password, please contact the IBM Registration Help Desk.

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?
Go to the IBM Registration password reset page and follow the instructions listed. If you need further assistance with your password, please contact the IBM Registration Help Desk.

What user access levels are available?
There are four access levels for the Service Request application. The following table contains general guidelines for the access levels in SR. All SR functions not listed in the table are the same regardless of access level.
Some function will be limited by the type of support offering you have. For example, Monthly License Charge (MLC) agreements for System z support only allow for Basic access level users.

How can I view my current level of access?

  • Log onto IBM Service Request (SR) at
  • Select Support registrations from the right side of the header section.
  • Scroll down to the "Existing access" section to see your registered IBM Customer Numbers (ICNs). The "Access level" column indicates if you have Reader, Basic, Full, Administrator, or Site Technical Contact (STC) access.
  • The STC role is available only to Passport Advantage software contracts. The administrator role is functionally equivalent and is generally available.
  • The roles are the same across hardware and software.
Function Reader Basic Full Admin/STC
Create a service request
Update a service request that I create
Update a service request that my coworkers create

Associate other people with service requests that I create

Simple and advanced search X
View/read a service request X X X X
Add and manage user access to SR for others in my company

Approve user access requests


How do I request a different access level?

  • Log onto IBM Service Request (SR) at
  • Select Support registrations from the right side of the header section.
  • Scroll down to the "Existing access" section.
  • Use the link in the far right column to request an access upgrade.
    If you have Basic access, you will see a link to "Upgrade to full access"
    If you have Full access, you will see a link to "Upgrade to administrator access"
    If there is no link to ask for an access level change, then the support offering does not allow for a change in access.

Note: Requesting additional access requires approval by your company's administrator or an IBM Administrator. You will be contacted via email when your request is processed.

How can I change my email address or other contact information?
Log into IBM Service Request and click the "Preferences" link located near the top right of the page. Select the "Contact" tab to update your contact information.

How can I change my preferred contact method for a service request (PMR)?
After you press the "Continue" button for your new service request or update to an existing service request you will be presented with a summary screen that contains options to set your preferred contact method. The preferred contact method is set to email by default. Select your preferred contact method by choosing the appropriate radio button. Please note that changes to the phone number associated to your record are only made when you choose the corresponding phone option/radio button. If you choose another contact method, such as email, but would also like to make changes to your phone number, then please follow the instructions listed above to change your contact information in your SR Preferences.

What Browser types and versions are supported?
Most modern browsers that are within 2 versions of the current release are supported. Testing is focused on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

How do I contact IBM?
Please see the IBM Worldwide contact list to obtain the appropriate phone number(s) in your country/region.


Hardware FAQs

Why does my target country/region not appear in the Target Country/Region list?
The required country/region has not been added to your profile. To have additional countries/regions added to your profile, please contact your support group for assistance.

How long can I view my closed hardware service requests?
Closed requests can be kept in the database for 10 days past the close date.

Why are the Customer Phone Number and Contact Phone Number required information for my hardware service request?
The phone numbers and zip code are used to route your service request to the correct IBM location for assignment to a provider of service. Note that the Customer phone number must be a phone number at the site of the equipment requiring service. The Contact phone number is the telephone number of the person who IBM should contact regarding the request.

What are the extended functions for hardware support?
Registration of your company with IBM Service Request allows you to take advantage of some extended functions. Users that register their company for the extended functions are able to view all of the service requests for their company regardless of who placed it, how it was placed or which country the request was placed in. The extended functions also provide request search capabilities, a summary view of all requests by country and the ability to retain records of closed requests for up to 120 days. Also, to save time while placing requests, you can search/view your machine location from a list of locations that you provide to IBM during the extended function registration process.

How do I obtain extended functions?
If your company is interested in obtaining extended functions for hardware support and has an IBM maintenance contract or a machine that is under IBM warranty, please contact your IBM sales representative or use the IBM Worldwide contact list to obtain the phone number for hardware support in your country/region.


Software FAQs

How do I add another customer number in IBM Service Request for software support?

  • Access SR at
  • Click the Sign in link or skip to Step 4 if you are already authenticated.
  • Enter your IBM login ID and password.
  • Select Support registrations from the right side of the header section.
  • Enter your IBM customer number, and select the country/region.
  • Press the "Request additional access" button.

If your Site Technical Contact (STC) or SR Administrator allows automatic approval, then your request is complete and your additional customer number will be listed under "Existing access" at the bottom of the Support Registrations overlayed window. Otherwise, your request will be routed for approval and listed as "Pending."

How do I add my co-workers to a software service request?
When creating or updating a service request, select the "Update interested users" link which is to the left of the "Problem description" field. Select from the list of users who are also authorized to your IBM Customer Number in IBM Service Request.

Why doesn't my software service request have a title?
The title field in the SR tool is exclusive to service requests created in SR. If you created your service request by using the phone or some other method, then the title field will not be populated in SR. You can simply update the title while updating the service request in SR or add the title on the service request search results screen.

How long can I view closed software service requests (PMRs) in SR?
Service requests that have been closed are available to find as a closed request in SR for 28 days. After 28 days of inactivity, the closed service request can be found as an archived service request. The archived service request is available for one year. See the help information on searching service requests in SR to see how to find archived service requests.

Why can't I find my software product when creating a new service request?
Please see the help information for product selection. If you still are not able to find your product, please contact the SR Help Desk for further assistance.

How do I gain access to my company's other software support agreements/customer numbers in SR?
See the steps to add customers numbers in IBM Service Request.

Why can't I see software service requests submitted by my coworkers or service requests that I submitted via phone?
You must have Full access to the IBM Customer Number (ICN) that was used to open the service request. See the access level information listed below for instructions on how to view and change your access level.
If you already have Full access to the customer number (ICN), please see information about how to search for service requests.

How can my company change the Site Technical Contact?
The Site Technical Contact is designated in the Passport Advantage Online system. Only Passport Advantage support agreements have a Site Technical Contact designated. The Primary Contact can update the site's Technical Contact and all other Passport Advantage roles directly in Passport Advantage Online (PAO). To change a Site Technical Contact, follow these steps.

  • Log onto PAO -
  • Select "Account management" from the left navigation bar
  • Select "Contact update" from the left navigation bar
  • Select the role you wish to update
  • Select the "Edit" link in the center of the page
  • Make the desired changes
  • Select the "Save" link at the bottom of the page

If you have any problems with this procedure or the current Primary contact has left the company, please contact the Passport Advantage eCustomer Care team for assistance. The eCustomer Care team can be reached in the following geographies:

  • Americas - or 1-800-978-2246
  • EMEA -
  • AP -
  • Japan - or 0120-450-260