IBM Service Request Help

Business Partner Administration

Site Technical Contacts and Administrators will be notified when an IBM Business Partners designates your company as a customer and requests access to IBM Service Request. Approving the request will allow your Business Partner to open service requests on your behalf.

Please see the steps below to review and process your pending Business Partner relationship requests:

  1. Log into SR -
  2. Choose "Partner administration" from the right side of the header section. A new window will be overlayed.
  3. Select the "New Requests" tab.
  4. See request under "My pending user relationship requests".
  5. Select the "All" option to see all pending or choose to view alphabetically.
  6. Choose "Per Incident" or "Unlimited" (note - for "Per Incident" you will need to approve each service request (PMR) that is submitted by the business partner).
  7. Select Approve or Deny under the Action drop-down list.
  8. Click on the "Submit" button.