IBM Service Request Help

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Product Selection

When creating a new software service request (PMR) you will need to select a product/component to begin. Use the keyword search box to find the appropriate product or select from your preferred product list (see more information about preferred products below).

Search Tips

  • To find your product enter at least 3 characters of a product/component name in the product search page, or enter one character to see all products that begin with that character.
  • Alternatively, enter a complete 9-digit component ID.
  • Products will not be listed until you start entering keywords in the search box.
  • The search begins when you stop typing.

Preferred Products List

  • To add to your preferred products list:
    1. Search for your product on the product selection screen.
    2. Check the box labeled "Add selection to Preferred Products".
    3. Select your product.
  • Once a product is designated as preferred, it is listed directly on the product selection/search page. You can select directly from your preferred list rather than searching for your product.
  • To remove products from your preferred products list select "Preferences" from the right side of the header section. Select the "Preferred products" tab.

Things to try if you can not find your product:

  • Your search may result in items listed as “Products” and/or “Components.” Try switching the radio button selection located below the search terms from "Products" to "Components” to view all options.
  • Enter fewer keywords. For example, use "WebSphere" instead of "WebSphere Application Server."
  • Try full terms rather than abbreviations. For example, "WAS" may not yield results while "WebSphere" will.
  • Uncheck the "Show entitled products only" box located under the keyword search field, which will allow you to search the entire IBM product catalog. A caution symbol displays next to product names to which you are not known to be entitled. This symbol could be shown for several reasons:
    • The support for the product has expired.
    • The product has reached the End of Service date.
    • Your company is entitled to the product, but you are not authorized to the IBM Customer Number (ICN) that covers the product.
    Note: Picking a product that you are not entitled to will delay your service request being worked by IBM customer support.