IBM Service Request Help

Update Authorized Users

Site Technical Contacts (STCs) and Administrators can update the the access rights for other authorized users in IBM Service Request in the "User administration" section. Only STCs and Administrators will see the "User administration" option.

If you wish to review or update an individual's access level, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. Log onto SR -
  2. Choose "User administration" from the right side of the header section.
  3. Choose the "Update" tab from the main body.
  4. Optionally provide additional filter criteria.
  5. Select the "Show or update list below" button.
  6. Find the individual in the provided results (note-select "All" to see a complete list).
  7. Choose the up or down arrows as needed to alter the individual's access level.
  8. Select the "Update user relationships" button.

Note:Administrators are not able to change or update the Site Technical Contact's access level or information. See the Change Site Technical Contact help tab for more information.